Research highlights the problems caused by CWI

11 2016-07

Research highlights the problems caused by CWI

New research by Cavity Wall Lawyers has highlighted the catalogue of problems caused by wrongly installed cavity wall insulation (CWI) throughout the UK.

Our team has analysed data from homes throughout the country. In every single case, wrongly installed CWI has caused dampness. Other common problems include mould (present in 53% of UK cases), condensation (present in 30% of UK cases), cold spots (present in 23% of UK cases), damp smell (present in 21% of UK cases) and ant or insect infestation (present in 13% of UK cases).

Commenting on the research, Nicky Johnson, Head of CWI at Cavity Wall Lawyers said:

“The issues, now commonly known as the six tell tale signs, highlighted in this research are impacting on thousands of homes in the UK.

“The way CWI has been marketed and sold over the last few years is nothing short of a national scandal.   There has been a frenzied increase in the number of unregulated installation companies targeted homeowners through cold calling and other dubious means.  No one should have to live in a cold, damp, insect infested home.”

To read more about the six tell tale signs click here.

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