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11 2017-01

Resolving a case of bad CWI – Your 3 Options

The increasing number of failed cavity wall installations coming to light is astounding and already the internet has been flooded with articles, press releases and discussion groups allowing homeowners to access all the information they need about cavity wall insulation and the effects it can have on your home and health if installed incorrectly. It […]

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25 2016-11

A Winter’s Tale: Can CWI survive bad weather?

Christmas is fast approaching and already the UK has seen snow, sleet, flash flooding and storms. But what actually happens when cavity wall insulation gets wet? There are over 5.2 million homes in the UK which are at risk of surface, river and coastal flooding. Recent weeks have seen the country being hit by a […]

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22 2016-11

“Help! My chickens ate cavity wall insulation!”

I was contacted by someone last week who was most worried. Usually, when homeowners contact us they are concerned because they have been made aware that the cavity wall insulation they had installed to their property is not up to standard and they are worried about the effect it is having on their home and […]

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10 2016-10

Installation companies are going into administration – Start your claim before it’s too late!

The cavity wall insulation scandal is now taking the UK by storm. More and more homeowners are coming forward with problems of damp and mould and so it’s no surprise that installation companies are going out of business. In fact, research undertaken by our expert team at Cavity Wall Lawyers shows that circa 60% of […]

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14 2016-09

Is Your Home Losing Value?

Making the decision to get a mortgage and buy a home is a huge step for anyone. By getting a mortgage, we commit to an ongoing obligation of paying back a massive debt over a long period of time – a heavy weight on anyone’s shoulders! Of course, there are advantages to getting a mortgage: […]

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08 2016-09

Should Homeowners Have to Pay to Have Cavity Wall Insulation Removed?

If you suspect that cavity wall insulation is damaging your home, the most obvious solution is to have it removed; even more so if it’s affecting your health and that of your loved ones.  However, the most obvious immediate remedy can often cause more problems than it solves. Is cavity wall insulation definitely the issue […]

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Stroma Scheme
11 2016-08

Cavity Wall Lawyers forms Stroma Alliance

As part of its ongoing commitment to restore consumer confidence in the energy sector, Cavity Wall Lawyers is endorsing Stroma Certification’s Cavity Clearance scheme. What is the Cavity Clearance Scheme? Stroma Certification supports the energy sector with approved certification schemes. Its Cavity Clearance scheme offers installers certification membership to demonstrate competence in the extraction of […]

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26 2016-07


The Pokémon Go craze has got everyone in a frenzy, both children and adults alike but there’s one place you won’t find Bulbasaur or Charizard and that’s in a badly filled wall cavity!  I mean why would they hide there?? It’s likely to be soaking wet and full of insects! Millions of homes across the […]

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Damp wall in property affected by faulty insulation
25 2016-07

Breaking the Mould: How to identify damp walls in your home

Recent research has suggested that wrongly installed cavity wall insulation can lead to extensive damp problems, which are much more common than once thought. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for if you’re concerned about damp walls in your home.

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19 2016-07


Did you know that the UK has 4 different levels of exposure zones when it comes to wind driven rain?  Wind driven rain is an important aspect when diagnosing Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) issues as the more a property is subjected to it, the more likely a homeowner will spot the tell tale signs of […]

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