Installation companies are going into administration – Start your claim before it’s too late!

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Installation companies are going into administration – Start your claim before it’s too late!

The cavity wall insulation scandal is now taking the UK by storm. More and more homeowners are coming forward with problems of damp and mould and so it’s no surprise that installation companies are going out of business.

In fact, research undertaken by our expert team at Cavity Wall Lawyers shows that circa 60% of installation companies have gone into administration leaving only 40% still up and running.

If you are suffering from the aftermath of bad cavity wall insulation it is paramount that you start your claim before the installation company goes out of business. Here’s why…

Installation companies should pay for their own mistakes

If you break an item in a shopping centre, you would be asked to pay for it. That’s just how it is, it’s the norm. Similarly, installation companies that haven’t taken care whilst working on your home, should have to step up and pay for any damage caused too.

You’re not the only one…

It is estimated that 14.3 million properties have been installed with cavity wall insulation but that as many as 3 million homes across the UK have been wrongly insulated. When installers go into administration, millions of homeowners think that they have little choice but to turn to the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, CIGA.

CIGA are running low on funds

It is no secret that CIGA are now receiving a high volume of complaints from homeowners. Admirably, they have admitted this fact through posting reassuring blogs on their website and hiring additional staff in their customer service team. However, as a not for profit organisation, CIGA’s cash reserves set aside to help homeowners are quickly dwindling, with over £3m already spent on rectification works.

Condition # 6 on your CIGA guarantee

CIGA also sets a maximum limit as to how much they will pay to restore your property to its original condition. If the damage exceeds this set limit (you can find this on your CIGA Guarantee at clause 6), this could mean that CIGA will only release funds to pay for extraction, leaving you to pay for any remedial works (such as re-plastering, re-decorating etc) out of your own pocket! Something you really shouldn’t have to do!

On the other hand, when pursuing a claim against your Installer, there are no set limits to contend with. Installation companies MUST pay for all of the damage caused as a direct result of their lack of care/bad workmanship.

Would you trust the same people who wrongly installed cavity wall insulation at your home to remove it? 

On asking an Installer to rectify the issues you are experiencing, you are unfortunately put back into the hands of the company that caused the issues in the first place which isn’t ideal – would you go back to a hairdresser that gave you a bad haircut? Probably not.

You could ask CIGA to arrange extraction but it is likely they will instruct a company that is known to have badly installed insulation themselves in the past OR be an installer that went into administration and now trading under a different guise OR EVEN WORSE be your own installer that has reinvented themselves as a new extractor company.

So what is your best option? There is help at hand – instruct an expert to handle your claim for you.

Cavity Wall Lawyers always strive to achieve the very best outcome for our clients. Call us today for a free legal consultation on 08456 653 7529 or email us at to see how we can help you.

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