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Did you know that the UK has 4 different levels of exposure zones when it comes to wind driven rain? 

Wind driven rain is an important aspect when diagnosing Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) issues as the more a property is subjected to it, the more likely a homeowner will spot the tell tale signs of badly installed CWI such as mould, damp and condensation.

This map image indicates the approximate amount of wind driven rain which a building may be subject to.  For the areas in Zone 4, which have a very severe risk of exposure from penetrating rain, full cavity wall insulation may not be suitable but a partial fill could still be considered.  A partial CWI fill would provide an air gap bet

ween the outer layer of bricks and the insulation, which could prevent water penetration.  NHBC guidelines state that there should be a 75mm residual cavity rather than the usual 50mm cavity in properties within Zone 4.

Unfortunately, many of those homes that should have been considered for a partial fill of cavity wall insulation have had full CWI installed instead and this is now causing a whole raft of problems for homeowners.

However, the problems that homes in Zone 4 are now experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg!  As at the end of June 2015, there were an estimated 27.5 million homes in Great Britain.  Of these, 19.5 million had cavity walls with the remaining 8.0 million having solid walls.  Of those 19.5 million with cavity walls, 14.3 million homes have had cavity wall insulation and Industry Personnel are now estimating that as many as 3 million of those properties have been incorrectly installed.  This figure is increasing daily as awareness of the issues is raised.

Our expert team here at Cavity Wall Lawyers are on hand to help homeowners to ensure they are compensated for damage caused to their property following the incorrect installation of Cavity Wall Insulation.  The team combines a professional and friendly approach and always strive to reach the best conclusion for our clients.

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