Should Homeowners Have to Pay to Have Cavity Wall Insulation Removed?

08 2016-09

Should Homeowners Have to Pay to Have Cavity Wall Insulation Removed?

If you suspect that cavity wall insulation is damaging your home, the most obvious solution is to have it removed; even more so if it’s affecting your health and that of your loved ones.  However, the most obvious immediate remedy can often cause more problems than it solves.

Is cavity wall insulation definitely the issue at hand?

In the UK we are blessed with great things like fish & chips and our beautiful countryside, but the weather has never really been on our side. According to the Met Office Climate data, on average, we get circa 106.5 days of rainfall per year – pretty depressing!  Consequently, homes that are subject to heavy and/or driving rainfall could potentially be subject to damp and mould, with these symptoms appearing more often in properties where cavity wall insulation has been installed incorrectly.

The main issue – Cost!

Depending on the size of your home, paying to have the badly or incorrectly installed insulation removed can cost thousands of pounds.  Furthermore, once it has been removed you will also have to pay out more money to cover the cost of the repairs to your home.

Should your installer carry out the extraction?

If you contact your installer, it’s very likely that they will offer to extract for you – bearing in mind the bad job they did during the installation though, would you really want to trust your home to them again?

It may void your CIGA Guarantee

Arranging and paying for extraction yourself could invalidate your CIGA Guarantee, if completed by a non-certified Extractor.

Can I make a claim for monies lost after extraction?

Extracting the badly installed cavity wall insulation before contacting a Solicitor could result in you not being able to make a claim as it may be difficult to prove why the insulation was badly or incorrectly installed.

However, all is not lost – if extraction has already taken place, there is still help at hand as an independent Surveyor can be arranged to assess the extraction itself to ensure that it has been done to a good standard.  If it has not, then costs can be claimed for further extraction costs.

If you think you are suffering from cavity wall insulation problems, please seek advice from a professional.  A specialist Solicitor can help with making a claim on your behalf and will in the first instance instruct an independent surveyor who will be able to inspect your property and provide you with a factual report explaining exactly what caused the damage and what needs to be done to put it back to its original condition.

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