Is Your Home Losing Value?

14 2016-09

Is Your Home Losing Value?

Making the decision to get a mortgage and buy a home is a huge step for anyone. By getting a mortgage, we commit to an ongoing obligation of paying back a massive debt over a long period of time – a heavy weight on anyone’s shoulders!

Of course, there are advantages to getting a mortgage: a mortgage makes home ownership affordable, it’s a cost effective way of borrowing and when the time comes you will be able to leave something valuable behind for your loved ones.

Unfortunately though, years of paying off a mortgage could have been a waste for some UK homeowners, who are now discovering that the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation may be affecting the value of their homes and in some cases this could mean that their property is no longer mortgage-able.  As if homeowners don’t have enough on their plates!

Our expert team here at Cavity Wall Lawyers have come across the following problems:

  • Homeowners struggling to sell their properties where Cavity Wall Insulation has been installed due to now experiencing bad condensation, damp and damp smells, mould and even ant infestation in their homes
  • Homeowners struggling to sell their properties even after the insulation has been removed, because it has been removed at a poor standard
  • The value of properties falling drastically, usually because Cavity Wall Insulation has not been suitable and should never have been installed in the first place; and in some cases, Cavity Wall Insulation has been missed out on the pre-purchase survey so new buyers have been unaware that the property has cavity wall insulation until it’s too late

To avoid this from happening, the installer must certify that the property meets strict criteria before any installation takes place. Examples of this criteria are as follows:

  • The masonry or brickwork of your property must be in good condition
  • The cavity must be clear from all rubble before the insulation is installed
  • The cavity must be at least 50mm wide

If you are suffering from any of the problems listed above, it is in your best interest to obtain legal advice– and fast! There is generally a 3 year time limit (from first noticing problems caused by Cavity Wall Insulation) for claims to be brought forward.

Cavity Wall Lawyers always strive to achieve the very best outcome for our clients. Call us today for a FREE consultation on 08456 653 7529 or email us at to see how we can help you.

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