FAQ – Cavity Wall Questions and Answers

Below are just a small selection of questions that we are regularly asked. We hope that you find our answers to them useful but please do get in touch if you would like to discuss matters in more detail:

Yes, there is generally a 6 year (from first noticing the signs of damage to your property/health issues) time limit for claims to be brought.

It depends on who your claim is against and how quickly the other side respond. We try to get results fast ideally within a 6-9 month time period but if this changes we will let you know. Some cases can be complex particularly those where homes have been very badly damaged and are not mortgage-able. These cases can take more than 12months.

We will take all your details and arrange for an independent surveyor to come to inspect your property. If the surveyor finds that your problems are because of bad cavity wall insulation then we will send a formal letter of claim with the surveyor’s report to the other side. Sometimes they ask for another inspection to take place at the property. We will then go on to negotiate settlement with the other side.

Photographs showing the extent of the damage

Details of who did the insulation and any paperwork

CIGA Guarantee

Pre insulation report

Any reports that you have obtained yourself

Immediately following installation, it was the responsibility of the company that installed your cavity wall insulation to write to CIGA who would then have to send you the guarantee. If this did not happen, you can contact CIGA yourself to obtain a copy. To assist, their address is:

The Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency

CIGA House
3 Vimy Court

Vimy Road
Leighton Buzzard

Or you can contact them by email: info@ciga.co.uk

If we can find the company that did your insulation or their insurers, then the answer is most definitely YES. There are things that we can do to help find the company that did the insulation.

Yes. We can ask the installers for paperwork if they still have it.

We would advise you do not pay a company to have the insulation removed as it could render the CIGA guarantee void. The cost of insulation extraction varies depending on the type of property but we are seeing costs of upwards of £1,000.

We would also advise that you take great care when it comes to extraction as some of the Installation companies are now setting up as extraction companies!

We would advise that you do not do this because it could prejudice your claim.

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