Cavity Wall Lawyers forms Stroma Alliance

Stroma Scheme
11 2016-08

Cavity Wall Lawyers forms Stroma Alliance

As part of its ongoing commitment to restore consumer confidence in the energy sector, Cavity Wall Lawyers is endorsing Stroma Certification’s Cavity Clearance scheme.

What is the Cavity Clearance Scheme?

Stroma Certification supports the energy sector with approved certification schemes. Its Cavity Clearance scheme offers installers certification membership to demonstrate competence in the extraction of damaged or compromised cavity wall insulation.

The key benefit of the Cavity Clearance scheme membership is that homeowners have the confidence of knowing that their cavity insulation will be removed to a competent standard.

Said Saimina Virmani, CEO at Cavity Wall Lawyers:

“Cavity Wall Lawyers recognises the standards and competence upheld by Stroma Certification’s Cavity Clearance Scheme. All our clients affected by damaged cavity wall insulation will now be referred to a Stroma-certified Cavity Clearance member in order to rectify the problem.”

Added Saimina:

“Competence is of the utmost importance to Stroma Certification. All members of the Cavity Clearance scheme are regularly audited to check that documentation, installation methods and assessment capabilities are up to the required standard. Homeowners who choose a trusted cavity wall removal and extraction specialist can be assured that these performance requirements are being met.”

Who are Stroma

As part of the Stroma Group of companies, Stroma Certification has been at the forefront of policy development and the response to Government legislation for nearly a decade. The company has developed a range of industry-leading certification schemes allowing professions such as energy assessors, electricians, gas installers, plumbers and renewables installers to work compliantly and competently for the benefit of their many customers.

How will the Cavity Clearance Scheme help?

Stroma provide a number of benefits to help the extraction company provide a fantastic job, these include technical support, cutting-edge assessment software and virtual audits. All allowing the tradesman to conduct a thorough assessment of the property and upload videos of the completed extraction.

Visit the Stroma website here.

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