Category: Health Problems

Sick pets
17 2016-06

Is Bad Cavity Wall Insulation affecting your pets health???

Everyone loves an adorable pic of a kitten or puppy BUT if you have had Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) installed in your home and are now experiencing problems such as damp, mould or condensation it could not only affect the health of your family but also affect your beloved pets. In 2015, the RSPCA estimated […]

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Toxic Home
02 2016-05

What is Toxic Home Syndrome?

There is a lot of press in the media currently about the effects of Toxic Home Syndrome (“THS”). THS is where a person’s health deteriorates because of the air pollution in their home. So what is Toxic Home Syndrome? The symptoms that can present themselves within a person or by way of damage to their […]

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