Beware Rogue Extraction Companies

23 2016-05

Beware Rogue Extraction Companies

Here at Cavity Wall Lawyers we are seeing more and more evidence of companies that installed cavity wall insulation, now setting up as extraction companies!

In other words, the guys that installed the insulation in the first place (and did a bad job!), are now knocking on doors under a different guise saying that they can solve all of your problems by removing the bad insulation.  Whilst we hope this represents only a small number of companies, it is now becoming an area for extreme concern as homeowners are being asked to foot the bill for the extraction which can vary in cost from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands.  There is also the danger that agreeing to have your cavity wall insulation extracted may void the CIGA Guarantee.

Our in-house specialist team warn “Homeowners are so fed up with the problems to their properties that they are deciding to just pay for the removal of the insulation themselves.  This not only puts them at financial risk but could also void the CIGA Guarantee. Unfortunately, for homeowners, there has been no clear path on how to deal with cavity wall insulation when things go wrong.  Our advice however is to please take care when considering extraction as whilst there are some reputable firms in the marketplace, there are also some organisations out there that are just out to make a quick buck from the misfortunes of others.”

On first recognition of the tell tale signs of badly or incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation, we would advise not to arrange the extraction yourself and to always check the following:

  1. Do you have a valid CIGA Guarantee?
  2. Contact CIGA and see if they will assist
  3. If CIGA do not respond to you within 2 months contact our expert team who will be able to help

Do remember though, we can still help you if:

  1. You do not have a valid CIGA Guarantee
  2. The company that did your insulation is still in business
  3. The company that did your insulation is no longer in business
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