Resolving a case of bad CWI – Your 3 Options

11 2017-01

Resolving a case of bad CWI – Your 3 Options

The increasing number of failed cavity wall installations coming to light is astounding and already the internet has been flooded with articles, press releases and discussion groups allowing homeowners to access all the information they need about cavity wall insulation and the effects it can have on your home and health if installed incorrectly.

It is now evident that there are 3 courses of action that homeowners can take in attempt to resolve a case of bad cavity wall insulation, but unfortunately not all are successful.

Contact the company that originally installed it

The team here at CWL have noted that homeowners are turning to the installation companies as a first point of call; and why wouldn’t they? It’s the most logical thing to do. Unfortunately, and although it shouldn’t be, finding a resolution with the installation company can prove to be more difficult than returning a damaged item back to your local supermarket. Here’s why…

  • A large number of installation companies are no longer trading
  • Installation companies are telling homeowners that the cavity wall insulation at their properties is not actually faulty and that the property damage is a result of other factors, i.e. poor ventilation or general wear and tear over the years

Contact CIGA (the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency)

Homeowners who have been unsuccessful in trying to resolve their problems with installation companies are forced to search for an alternative solution and are usually then directed towards CIGA. But again, all is not so simple for a number of reasons:

  • CIGA are slow at responding due to the high volume of complaints they receive
  • Some complaints may even be pushed aside and ignored completely
  • They are known to instruct disreputable firms to remove bad cavity wall insulation, and as a result, extraction arranged by CIGA can cause more problems than it solves
  • CIGA are known to ill-advise homeowners, i.e. for one homeowner, CIGA pinpointed the blame for the damage to her property on cooking too much!

Instruct a solicitor and take legal action

When all else fails homeowners are left with little choice but instruct a solicitor. Some can find taking the legal route a bit daunting so it is usually a last resort for suffering homeowners.

Solicitors can submit a claim on your behalf to recover the costs of extraction and property repairs, and of course give the installation companies and/or CIGA a push in the right direction.

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