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Cavity wall insulation should be installed on properties which meet strict criteria in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and under the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) best practice. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case.

Where Cavity Wall Insulation has not been installed following the correct procedures, this could result in damp and other problems (see the six tell take signs) leading to property damage and health related issues. If you notice any of the tell tale signs following Cavity Wall insulation at your property – then the answer to “can you make a claim?” is very likely to be YES! Your best course of action is to seek advice from our specialist team.

We can make a claim on your behalf for the cost of:

  • Extraction
  • Re-Decorating
  • Re-Plastering
  • Replacing voids in brickwork and other external damage
  • Damage to furniture
  • Loss of EPC Savings
  • Ill-Health

Dependant on the extent of the damage, homeowners can expect to be awarded upon settlement anything from £2,000 to £30,000.  Severely affected properties could be awarded more!

The 6 Tell-tale signs of bad cavity wall insulation

Your home is your sanctuary! It is the place you and your family retire to at the end of the day it's your escape from the chaos of the outside world. It is estimated that over half of Britain’s homes have Cavity Wall Insulation and 3 million of these homes have had it installed incorrectly.
Have a look at the 6 tell-tale signs which could indicate your home is at risk:


This is usually caused by the external walls losing their weatherproofing ability. When this happens the rain water seeps through the bricks and causes dampness on the internal walls.

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Cold Spot Test

This is when water soaks up inside bricks. The easiest and quickest way to see if your walls inside the home have been affected is by simply touching them. If the walls feel cold to the touch even with the heating on it could be due to the dampness caused by water seeping through the gaps in the cavity.

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Mould growth appears in the form of dark (usually black/brown) freckled marks on the walls.

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Damp Smell

A damp smell will appear in the home and if this penetrates into wardrobes, clothes can become damp smelling – something which is hard to wash off. Diffusers and air fresheners temporarily mask over the smell but cannot make it disappear. This can be the root cause of Asthma and can be especially worrying for clients who already suffer from breathing difficulties.

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Bad Smell Cavity Wall Insulation


If your home appears to be dirty, your first instinct is to clean it.  If that doesn’t work redecorating becomes an option. Those whose properties have been affected by bad cavity wall insulation will find that scrubbing the mould and replacing the wallpaper won’t make the problem go away. Within days, and sometimes even hours, the mould growth will reappear and the fresh wallpaper will start to peel.

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Ants or Insects

In the worst of cases, insects may infest the insulation causing a further array of problems. This can be especially distressful for the homeowner and the house may be deemed unliveable.

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